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Congregational Church Meals on Wheels Spreads Some Magic

22 May 2020

On Friday, 22 May, almost sixty days into lock down, the staff and volunteers held a small treat for the 20 children visiting their soup queue. With the assistance of caring and generous donors in the community, after their breakfast, each child was given a small party pack containing a pack of Smarties, Jelly Tots, crisps and a juice. For many of these children, it has been their only small luxury for the entire lock down.

Congregational Church Meals on Wheels, which is situated in Yeoville, is the oldest of its kind in Johannesburg and normally has approximately 230 beneficiaries and serves 35 000 meals per annum. Since the inception of Lock Down, which was implemented on the 27 March, numbers at the soup queue have increased dramatically and they are serving between 180 and 230 people in our queue on a daily basis.

“Before lock down, we were serving between 80 and 100 people in our soup queue per day”, says Christopher Jones, Manager of the Centre, “since the lock down we have had to introduce stringent protocols and hygiene procedures to ensure the safety of all of our staff, volunteers and recipients”.

The Congregational Church Meals on Wheels provides school lunches for 26 children which has been put on hold during this time, 80 pensioners and disabled persons, 20 chronically ill and at the moment, up to 230 homeless and unemployed and numbers are expected to grow.

“We hope that once the restrictions ease into level 3, many of these people will resume work, but we will continue to assist where we can” says Jones.

It is with great thanks to the generous donors in our community, both Corporates and individuals who allow these projects to resume. Should you require any further information, please contact admin@mealsjhb.co.za or visit their website www.mealsjhb.org

The Congregational Church Meals on Wheels A light in dark times

Since The start of The nation lockdown in South Africa Due to The COVID-19 virus outbreak that was announced on March 27 on this year of 2020, Officials at the Congregational Church Meals on Wheels (Yeoville Meals on Wheels), in Johannesburg, have announced an Increase in the soup queue due to the outbreak.

The Congregational Church Meals on Wheels organisation that was established in August 1961, has recently reported an unusual surge of people in need of their soup kitchens since the nationwide lockdown. Orphans, vulnerable children, Elderly and the disabled, along with the Chronically ill, the homeless and unemployed has formed a line of an estimated of 230 people. They are lining up daily to sustain their nutritional needs. The kitchen for the needy provides soup and bread alongside a few other donated goods.

The Congregational Church Meals on Wheels is an organisation of high importance to the community as it sustains the needy in the community and acts as a safeguard to ensure those people do not turn to darker solutions to sustain their daily needs. The service Is fully dependent on donations, bequests and the Volunteers that put their heart and soul into helping the needy in the community. For those who want to assist, donations are accepted through EFT bank deposit, Payfast or BackaBuddy. Donate food and items, or volunteer to help further this organisation, information on volunteering and donations are available at www.mealsjhb.org.


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