Incorporated since August 1961

Non Profit Organisation 000 567 and Public Benefit Organisation 93 000 0264

We Feed and Care for the Vulnerable

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Our History

The oldest Meals on Wheels organisation in Johannesburg, Meals on Wheels Johannesburg Food Distribution Services  (also known as Yeoville Meals on Wheels), was founded in August 1961 when the Municipality of Johannesburg approached Trinity Congregational Church (then situated in Braamfontein) to distribute food parcels to the elderly and needy. Subsequently operations moved to Yeoville and the delivery of meals started for pensioners and the disabled. 

Our organisation is almost entirely dependent on donations and bequests. Our services depend on the help of volunteers, most of whom are retired. We would like to thank all of our volunteers and supporters for everything that they do to sustain our essential services to those in need.

“Our charity is dependent on donations and bequests”

How can you assist

Your support towards our organisation would be greatly appreciated.

Your support will enable us to continue providing food for those who turn to us at time of need. To make a donation, please click on the secure payfast link below or utilise the banking details listed.

Donations are Tax Deductible under section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

Imagine going to school hungry?

Meals on Wheels Johannesburg Food Distribution Services ensures that thirty children do not go to school hungry. These children come to the center from 6 am onwards to receive a lunch pack containing a sandwich, a juice and a snack. For many of these children it is the only meal that they receive throughout the day.

School runs for 204 days per annum, which is translated into R186 000 per year to feed our children.

Congregational Church Meals on Wheels, Standard Bank Ellis Park, Branch Code 004605, Account Number 002100339

Donate Food Items or Products

We always need donations of food, toiletries, clothing and blankets. Please consider dropping off at our Centre or contact us to arrange collection. Our most urgent needs are breads and spreads, soup ingredients, good quality clothing, soap, deodorant and reusable containers.

Become a Volunteer

Join our family to distribute food at the soup kitchen or as a driver to deliver meals. We have many needs – if you have the time to give or are willing to volunteer professional services, we would love to chat to you or you can contact us through our Volunteer portal

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